Healing Hearts

Making hearts for people in need of support is an idea I picked up from Kiwiquilters. It is one of the things that distinguishes quilters as being generous and warm-hearted.

It's for members of groups, or members' families, or members' friends - those who are suffering from serious illness, or coping with grief, or who are going through a time when they need to know that they're not alone, and others are thinking of them.

 It's a tangible way of saying "we care" to someone when life is going wrong.

 Anyone can call for hearts - you don't need to have belonged to a group long - as we are all equal on this list.

Anyone can make them - you don't have to know the person concerned!

 We all pitch in and make things for complete strangers, And we'd do the same for you.

Hearts are normally on a cream background (eg calico), and are 6 1/2 inches square so they make a finished size of 6 inches.

The hearts can be made in any way - appliqued, pieced, or whatever, There can be more than one on your block.

They are normally signed with a permanent marker somewhere to show who made the block.

 Normally the person calling on the list to make hearts will specify a colour or colours; sometimes, it may be floral fabric that's wanted,

or a fabric suitable for a child.

 This is so heartfelt to the person receiving that it really does help in their time of need. So go on be a part.

  Healing Hearts






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